Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm awfully glad the blog is still here and available.  I'd misunderstood a warning email I'd gotten about "retiring" something and not having access to it after May 31, and I was afraid it was about my blog.  (I'd managed to ignore it anyway).  I miss my blog, and I especially miss writing.  I really need to get back into it. It's better than therapy, really, and I'm afraid I've forgotten how to do it.  Once I started posting single sentence zingers on facebook, and getting all that feedback from old high school buddies, neighbors and distant family members, my desire to put together whole essays waned.  Also my ability. I think this has happened throughout the internet world.  iPhones and twitter have made us think we need only post 4 words out there, and we can get all kinds of responses and feedback and love. It's a myth, however.

So here I am trying to write again.  It's going to be difficult to retrain my brain to write in this way, I believe. But it will be a worthwhile exercise. And if I stick with it, maybe the ability to focus will spill over into the rest of my life, and I'll stop losing things and missing appointments and leaving everything half finished.  Maybe...

St. Augustine Beach, April 2012

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